All the World is Watching the Super Bowl

I read this soliloquy aloud during the SFIndiefest Super Bowl XLV: Men in Tights event at San Francisco’s Cell Space.

In the streets of Cairo pro- and anti-government protestors lay down their weapons and watch the tele. The bullet trains of Japan aren’t running today, because the conductors are watching the tiny screens on their future phones. And in a dusty cave in the wilds of Pakistan, Osama bin Laden is listening to a crackling old radio.

Indeed, it is fair to say, the entire world is on hold because…a game is on. A football game. Not a boring international football or “soccer” game…But an American football game.

It’s the Super Bowl. And in this great clash of titans, or more specifically steelsmen and meat packers, the world waits to find out who will take home that  shiny super bowl, and who will return home in the agony of having just lost a sport game.