The Three Most Wonderful Things I Have Seen This Week

Unless you exist in a primitive society that is not ruled by blogs, surely you are aware of my rise in recent months to prominence as Contributing Editor of Laughing Squid. As a member of the ruling elite of the blogosphere, I see things. Some of them are wonderful and I’d like to share them with you.

David Lynch Talks to a Barbie Doll About His New Brand of Coffee–Nobody can toe the line between creepy and hilarious like David Lynch. He’s either insane or a comic genius.

This Wall Used To Have Art On It–This one’s a visual, but its well worth the click. An elegant response to the painting over of a perfectly nice wall of street art.

Robot that Plays Catch & Makes Coffee Is A Human’s New Best Friend–Something about how this robot intently tracks flying balls with its little camera eyes is distinctly, well, humanoid.