The Three Most Wonderful Things I Have Seen This Week

Unless you exist in a primitive society that is not ruled by blogs, surely you are aware of my rise in recent months to prominence as Contributing Editor of Laughing Squid. As a member of the ruling elite of the blogosphere, I see things. Some of them are wonderful and I’d like to share them with you.

Pulp Fiction Meets The Simpsons–I love the thought of a Simpsons animator furtively drawing these wonderful sketches of Pulp Fiction scenes featuring Simpsons characters. That’s the supposed origin of these mysterious drawings.

The Vehicle Arrestor, A Net That Can Rip Apart a Speeding Truck–There’s a David v. Goliath dynamic going on between these dinky little vehicle barriers and the 15,000 pound commercial trucks careening toward them. Guess who wins?

The War Against Christmas, High Speed Photos of Exploding Ornaments–I adore these delicious photos of Christmas ornaments caught in the exact moment of obliteration…Even if I am duty-bound by my service to the North Pole to bring this rogue photographer to justice.