The Two Most Wonderful Things I Have Seen This Week

Unless you exist in a primitive society that is not ruled by blogs, surely you are aware of my rise in recent months to prominence as Contributing Editor of Laughing Squid. As a member of the ruling elite of the blogosphere, I see things. Some of them are wonderful and I’d like to share them with you.

The Wonderfully Whimsical Instruments of the Maywa Denki Art Group–The Maywa Denki nonsense company has a deliciously elaborate fake corporate identity and yet they still find the time to make whimsical and inventive fantastical electronic instruments. I want an Otamatone like I want food and shelter. I wish my fake company was as productive.

Love & Hate: Grenade, Brass Knuckles, and Glock Pistol in Felted Wool–Speaking of desire, I am profoundly desirous of this triptych of wool felted weapons. I had the pleasure of seeing the sculptures in person and the Glock handgun in particular tugged at me like a sea maiden.


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  1. Maywa Denki is my favoritest thing this month. I already had a knock toy, but didn’t know it was from them. I bought an omatophone on amazon after visiting their webpage thanks to your story.

    Thank you EDW Lynch. You truly are one of America’s top 50 Humanitarians.

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