The Most Wonderful Things I Have Seen This Week

Unless you exist in a primitive society that is not ruled by blogs, surely you are aware of my rise in recent months to prominence as Contributing Editor of Laughing Squid. As a member of the ruling elite of the blogosphere, I see things. Some of them are wonderful and I’d like to share them with you.

Kids Battle Kids in Music Video For The Greeks by Is Tropical–When I was a 13 year old auteur making violent action videos with my friends, there was nothing I wanted more than awesome fake blood effects. This music video juxtaposes kids acting out a fake gun battle with animated gun flashes and gory blood effects. It’s both alarming and funny and awesome. Alawesomefun.

Creepy Life-Like Baby Masks Create Alarming Adult Babies–What’s not to love about a bare chested grown man with an oversized scowling baby mask?

Peanutweeter, Hilarious Tweets as Peanuts Cartoons–There’s a wonderful alchemy at work in these Peanuts cartoons remixed with hilarious and vulgar Twitter tweet-posts.