Top Five Icky Yoga Words

Yoga Relaxation Pose - SavasanaUpon the advice of numerous bendy and attractive women, I finally caved and began taking yoga classes last Fall. I am still no closer to touching my toes, but I do have a whole new vocabulary of words that make me feel uncomfortable.

My Top Five Icky Yoga Words

  1. Sitbones. Noun. The two knobby bits where your legbones meet your buttbone. “Let’s really widen the space between our sitbones.”
  2. Sacrum. Noun. A mysterious region somewhere between your butt and lower back. “You can let the strap rest right on your partner’s sacrum.”
  3. Hip crease. Noun. The point near the groin where the hip and leg meet. “Remember to externally rotate your leg so you really see your hip crease.”
  4. Sensation. Noun. AKA pain. “Notice where you’re feeling the most sensation.”
  5. Sidebody. Noun. The portion of the body between the hip and armpit. “Extend that left arm to the ceiling to really get in touch with your sidebody.”