Cormac McCarthy on Yelp: Levi Strauss & Company

Levi Strauss & Company – Union Square – San Francisco, CA

C. McCarthy
A dusty home at the end of a road, NM

Two stars

Jeans encrusted with a man’s salt, a deposit left by a sea of sweat. Jeans soaked through with the steaming birth water of a newborn foal. Jeans polished white by saddle leather. Jeans awash in glacial melt, dead weight on a drowned miner. Jeans worn by Mexicans, Texans, Christians and Heathens

Jeans on boys who wish they were men. Jeans on boys becoming men. Jeans on dead men in a blustery street.

Jeans on pretenders, charlatans, dilettantes. Jeans on false gods and false cowboys. Jeans powdered by cocaine. Men wearing lady jeans, crushing genitals atrophied by a life of indifference.

A storied denim river once glacial blue now polluted and languid.


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